Jon Kempner Photography

I'm Jon Kempner, professional photographer, specialising in architecture, interiors, food and hospitality.

I have been creating images for editorial, commercial and advertising clients, from blue-chip corporates to creative agencies and start-ups, as well as various publications, for over 20 years.

I am based in London and work throughout the UK and internationally. My client work appears across advertising, packaging, POS, websites, corporate literature, magazines, books, editorial and online media.

Architecture, Interiors & Heritage Photography
With an eye for detail, a passion for design and an appreciation and understanding of light, I create architectural and interior “portraits” that convey the character and space of a building. My keen interest in heritage and historical buildings enables me to enjoy the challenge of photographing these as much as modern structures, with great attention to detail – from lighting to colour to composition. I am one of the commissioned photographers working on the ArtUK Sculpture project and a member of The Association for Historical and Fine Art Photography

Food, Hospitalilty & Lifestyle Photography
My work for a number of restaurant, hotel and hospitality clients, along with my enthusiasm as a keen cook and a bit of a “foodie”, brought me to food photography – which I thoroughly enjoy.

I love working with the producers, chefs and cooks who create such inspirational flavours . My challenge is to capture this within the frame and create “eat appeal,” whether it’s fresh, natural raw ingredients or a stunning, beautifully styled, plated dish.

I work on location for architectural, interior and heritage photography, and I’m happy being studio or location based for food and lifestyle photography.

Most of all I enjoy the collaboration with clients to bring their vision to life.

The photographs featured on my website are just a taste of my extensive portfolio of work.

Latest Work

Jon Kempner Photography
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