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Today, more than ever, the importance of a professional headshot can mean the difference between getting in the door to pitch to a new client, getting on a recruitment shortlist, or not. So here are 10 tips to help you get the best business headshots and make the most of your headshot session.

10 top headshot session tips.

1. Decide what messages you want to portray in your images; approachable, confident, professional, experienced? We’ll help you get your message and more into your headshot – so that it really enhances your personal brand and says “I’m worth buying into” about you. We will take time to discuss your personal brand with you so that we can depict the key elements into the style of your photos. You may need to use different business headshots in different situations so aim to get a few varying poses from your corporate headshot session. We will help you with how to pose, how to stand and what to do – work with us during your session and we’ll help you to achieve your best presentation – with your personal brand shining through. Your results will speak for themselves.

2. Preparation is the key. You should feel relaxed and refreshed on the day of your shoot.

3. Be early. Few of us “love” having their photos taken, so arrive for your shoot about 10 minutes early, giving you time to get ready without feeling rushed or under pressure.

4. Relax. Try and relax. We’ll talk you through the session, allowing you to get used to everything that is going on and letting you to settle into the photo session so that the real, natural you shines through.

5. Get your wardrobe right. You know the image you need to show – formal business, casual business, casual, uniform – whichever is right for you. A variety of clothing options in your chosen style is also a great idea. We’ll advise you when you book your headshot session

6. Hair and makeup. Ladies, it’s best for you to arrange a hairdresser appointment for the day before your shoot (or the morning of the shoot if there really is time – without stressing you out). Keep makeup simple. If your not sure, ask us and we can recommend professional makeup artist to be there on the day. Guys, a haircut a few days prior to your shoot will look smart and not over groomed.

7. Stand and deliver. How you stand is crucial to a great headshot (yes, even for  business headshots). We’ll help you – but standing face on with your arms folded is not at all approachable. Stand on your back leg with your front leg turned and pointing towards the camera, with you leaning ever so slightly towards the camera. It may sound and feel odd but it will create an natural and approachable pose for the camera – and a great headshot.

8. The eyes have it. Whilst some portraits use techniques of looking away from the lens, your profile photos need to connect with your audience – so where you look is also really important. Look through the lens of the camera and picture the people who will be looking at your photo.

9. What about my chins? If that’s the case, push your forehead forward towards the camera when you’re being photographed. This tightens the skin around your jawline and helps hide any excess under your chin. Your photographer will also know to shoot you from slightly above.

10. Most of all, have fun and enjoy your shoot. The more you relax and “get into it”, the more it will show in the final photographs.

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