The Proof That Video Works…

A couple of  years ago I produced a short film for Micklefield Hall to prmote it as a venue for weddings and events. Over those 2 years it’s had around 1,500 views – not bad.

This year I re-wrote and re-shot everything to coincide with the launch of The Great Barn at Micklefield Hall – a beautifully restored 16th Century barn set within their magnificent grounds. Within 2 months of the new film going live on the Micklefield Hall YouTube Channel it has had over 1,200 views – and hopefully will hit 2,000 views this month. What’s more, most of these views have been on mobile devices, proving that video does have a real impact in getting your business message across.

The barn’s meticulous restoration has been purpose designed for functions and events. It’s a stunning venue. Both Anna and Jamie at Micklefield are always personally involved in ensuring that their brides’ dreams come true at Micklefield – and they were both happy to be involved in the creative process of the video production, as well as featuring in the video, giving the film a very genuine and personal touch.

Small and large businesses alike need to consider video as part of their approach to effectively engage with customers. Creating short films to focus on key marketing messages is now an affordable and accountable solution to this. If you would like to chat about how we could help your business grow using online video, please contact me.

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